Sharp to Launch Triple and Quad Layer Blu-ray Discs Soon?

Sharp has apparently developed a brand new laser ready to burn Blu-ray discs in triple and quad layers at 8x speed. That means we can expect Blu-rays to hold as much as 100GB in the near future. And it looks like Sharp is looking for an official spec from the BDA before the new technology goes into massive production. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy a Blu-ray player just yet? It certainly doesn’t! Go ahead and grab yours if you so desire. It could be a while until we see the new Sharp Blu-ray players arrive in stores. Blu-ray is not yet as popular as manufacturers would like it to be and we’d definitely love for this technology to be available at more affordable prices. I don’t know about you folks, but DVDs are still pretty cool for me and I’ll choose an external hard drive any day to backup my files instead of a 100GB Blu-ray disc. Although I do admit that 100GB discs filled with some of my favorite movies do not sound that bad either.