Sharp Quattron LC60LE835U LED Television Review-Magnificent Hardware

Chances are you think about George Takei’s immortal “Oh, my!” whenever you think of the Sharp Quattron. It’s hard not to, frankly. But this is about more than an old Asian guy getting an eyeful of awesome color, this is about a sweet piece of hardware. And this particular installment is about the Sharp Quattron LC60LE835U.

The Sharp Quattron LC60LE835U is a sixty inch 1080p LED television that offers Sharp’s Quattron technology, which introduces yellow into the standard red / blue / green mix and allows for impressive color presentation. But you’ll also get the newly minted UltraBrilliant LED system for even better picture, built-in wi-fi for access to a variety of streaming applications including Netflix and Vudu, a 2D / 3D conversion system, the AquoMotion 240 system which ups your refresh rate to a very smooth 240 Hz, the VyperDrive Game Mode to reduce blurring and lag in gameplay, two ten watt speakers with a fifteen watt subwoofer, four HDMI ports, two composite inputs, two USB ports, one component input, a PC input, an ethernet jack (in case you don’t want to go wi-fi), and a digital audio output.

And getting an eyeful–and earful!–of this one is definitely a cause for exclamation; the sound is impressive, especially being backed up by an onboard subwoofer as this is. The picture is just as impressive, and there are more than enough ports for just about anything you could want to do, new, old and future alike. It’s a mindblower in no uncertain terms.

But as you’ll likely have seen coming, you’re going to pay out the nose for this beauty, like to the tune of $2014.13 out at Amazon. It’s a beautiful system, sure enough, but you’ll pay for it in spades.

Still, if you want the best you have to be prepared for the best, so the Sharp Quattron LC60LE835U will truly improve most any home theater system. George Takei truly put it best. Oh, my.