Sharp LC40E67U Television Review-You Cant Win Em All

Sometimes even a company like Sharp, who I rely on to put out lots of choice hardware, can let me down.  That’s okay in the long run–you can’t win ‘em all, plain and simple. And the Sharp LC40E67U is just proof of that old maxim.

The Sharp LC40E67U is a forty inch 1080p LCD that comes with four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, a PC input and an RS-232 port.  Plus it comes with something called Vyper Drive game mode that improves game display.  Plus, it’s got an expected product life of sixty thousand hours.

Well, the one I was working with must have been pushing the end of that particular envelope because, while the sound was pretty sharp and clear, as I usually expect from Sharp, the picture on the model I was working with seemed surprisingly washed out, especially odd for a 1080p.  The controls, on the other hand, work just fine.

So maybe your mileage may vary on this one.  But what I experienced was a Sharp with decent sound, good controls and a picture that had seen better days.  Especially bad news considering they’re charging at least five hundred fifty bucks for it used.  There are much better Sharps out there, especially for the money.