Sharp LC-65RX5 AQUOS LCD TV Series

Sharp has recently launched a unique Liquid Crystal Television Sharp LC-65RX5 in two colors and three sizes.You can choose from the available three size options, viz. 46 inches, 65 inches and 52 inches. Along with  a range of standard LCD TV functions,  it offers Internet in large picture Kousei small high picture quality. Providing outstanding image quality at a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, it also allures you with the high resolution of 1920x 1080 dot.

The LC-65RX5 AQUOS LCD TV Series consist LCD-65RX5-B and LC-65RX5-T models in its catalogue. However, you can also consider the 52 inch LC-52RX5-T and LC-52RX5-B or 46-inch LC-46RX5-B and LC-46EX5-T. Needless to say, the LC-65RX5 offers you the best picture quality in AQUOS history. It also corresponds to the AQUOS blue ray.What more? The thin-shaped LCD TV can actually match with your swanky interiors. It also corresponds to the AQUOS blue ray.

Via: Sharp