Sharp LC-42DS3 LCD TV


Sharp extended its AQUOS line of full HD liquid Crystal technology with its latest D Series available in three different sizes. Sharp LC-42DS3 is a 42-inch model that adopts time fast full HD liquid crystal technology, time speed (120Hz) actualizing drive with full hi-vision, time fast ASV liquid crystal panel and, Kousei small high picture quality wide angle of visualization.

The LCD features a contrast ratio of 2900: 1 (darkroom contrast 2000:1) and Terrestrial BS 110 degree CS digital hi-vision liquid crystal television. Assuring high level of entertainment capabilities the LCD LC-42DS3 comes loaded with movie software for movie maniacs. The latest model is designed keeping in mind economies of space. This slim model available in three color options black LC-42DS3-B, white LC-42DS3-W and lead LC-42DS3-R consumes less energy and matches the decor of your bedroom.

Via: Sony