Sharp Aquos LC65E77UM Television Review-Awe Inspiring

Sharp Aquos televisions usually make my jaw drop for at least one of the following reasons: incredible picture quality, terrific sound quality, and / or wicked huge price tags.  The LC65E77UM will have all three.

The Sharp Aquos LC65E77UM is a sixty five inch 1080p LCD television that boasts the Spectral Contrast Engine, two ten watt speakers, AQUOS Link capability that lets you control an Aquos blu-ray player with the same remote as the television, along with a PC input, four HDMI inputs, two HD component video inputs, one S-video input, two composite video inputs, and four audio inputs.

Now, as I said above, my jaw spent a lot of time dropping on this one for a variety of reasons.  That picture, for example, is almost horrifying in its beauty.  No, really.  It’s crazy.  It’s almost unfathomably good looking.  The sound is also nicely done–they may just be ten-watt speakers but they sure sound nice.  And lastly, my jaw hit the floor when I saw the price tag on this monster–FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Yes, that’s a four with three zeroes, a decimal point and two MORE zeroes.  That’s a lot of zeroes.  It’s true that this is a positively magnificent television, but four grand is two months’ pay for a lot of people.  Is it worth it?  Well, that’s a value judgment that I leave to individuals and their own personal budget.

But one thing is clear–the Sharp Aquos LC65E77UM is an absolutely awe-inspiring system for a whole lot of reasons.