Sharp Aquos LC52E77 Television Review-An Excellent Setup

Sharp, especially the Sharp Aquos, has given me a lot of excellent televisions to discuss over the last few months, and the Sharp Aquos LC52E77U is another in a lengthening series of excellent pieces to mention.

What makes is so fantastic?  Well, first off, it’s got an incredible picture.  The sound quality is excellent for a standalone television unaugmented by a home theater kit, and the controls are easy to use right out of the box.

But it’s not just a great experience–it’s also plenty of sweet hardware backing the play.  It’s a fifty two inch 1080p LCD TV with five HDMI ports, two component ports, a PC input, and an expected lifetime of sixty thousand hours.

Sixty thousand hours.  That’s the equivalent of nearly SEVEN YEARS of nonstop operation.  Assume an eight hour day of watching TV every day and you up that expected runtime into two decades.  The sheer durability of this piece, along with its incredible technical profile, actually makes it worth the nineteen hundred bucks they want for it at retail.  Of course, as always, shop around–you can get a used one on Amazon for just over a grand.

All things considered, though, this is an excellent piece I’d easily recommend to anyone.