Sharp Aquos LC40LE700UN Television Review-You Really Can See A Difference

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true…you really can see the difference with an LED TV.  At least you can see the difference with the Sharp Aquos LC40LE700UN.

The Sharp Aquos LC40LE700UN is a forty inch LED TV with 1080p processing, four HDMI ports, a PC input jack, an RS-232C input and the proprietary Sharp Ultra Brilliant LED system.

This is an absolutely beautiful picture, folks.  It’s unbelievably crystalline clear, there’s just not enough good I can say about that picture.  I was tempted to reach my hand through the screen on several occasions.  And the sound is nicely done too, though I don’t believe any TV’s sound quality can match the picture quality this one was putting out.  The tech just isn’t there.

Despite that, however, the Sharp Aquos LC40LE700UN is an excellent quality TV that’s actually completely worth the fourteen hundred bucks they’re charging for one of these monsters.  If you can find one, and you’re cool with dropping four figures on a television, then this is exactly what you need.