Sharp Announces 1-bit Universal SACD/DVD-Audio Player

Sharp have unveiled the DX-SX200, a high-end universal player with 1-bit multi-channel playback capabilities for CD (including CD-R and CD-RW), SACD, DVD-Video Video-CD media, MP3 files and DVD-Audio discs. It is part of the company’s new line of luxury home theatre components and products that utilize Sharp’s revolutionary 1-bit audio amplification technology.

The DX-SX200 will be able to deliver multi-channel signals using a proprietary digital interface directly to the company’s SM-SX200, a new fully digital amplifier. The SM-SX200 is the world’s first digital amplifier to sample audio signals at a rate of 5.6 MHz. The DX-SX200 is equipped with a “Multi-Bit to 1-Bit Conversion Circuit” that converts multi-bit formats to 1-bit signals so they can be transmitted throughout the signal change within the digital domain. The DX-SX200 offers progressive scan and 10-bit, 54MHz video D/A converters.

By combining the new SM-SX200 amplifier with Sharp’s newly developed DX-SX200 player and SO-SX200 multi-channel control centre, Sharp now offers the world’s first 1-bit fully digital system capable of multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio playback.

Pricing and availability on the SM-SX200, DX-SX200 and SO-SX200 is to be announced.