Sharp 52V liquid crystal TV

.Sharp recently announced its latest 52 V types AQUOUS LCD. The model consumes 315 W of power that amounts to 276kWh/ year. Based on TFT (thin film transistor) active matrix drive system, AQUOS TV features a resolution of Horizontal 1,920? vertical 1,080 pixels, picture brightness 350cd/m2, contrast 2500: 1, angle of visibility Top and bottom 176 degree and left and right 176 degrees. Various accessories that come in the kit include stand (substance assembly end), remote control, single 4 shape dry cell batteries (alkali), Power cord/code, the antenna cable for VHF UHF, antenna cable for BS 110 degree CS, telephone line, B – CAS card, modular distributor and video controller, part set for inversion prevention, Cable clamp set and the instruction manual. The LCD TV will hit the markets during September 1st at an expected price of 840,000 Yen (including tax).

Via: Sharp