Sezmi TV 2.0 Offering


Sezmi Corporation is proud to launch the latest concept TV integrating movies and internet video, television content, broadcast and cable networking product all-in-one. So you can now watch whatever you want, and whenever you want. Simplified browsing adds up to the cake. A direct wireless out of the box product enriches TV viewing experience.

“ Sezmi focused on the television consumer and built an entirely new television offering from the ground up to meet the needs of viewers that want a premium experience at an affordable price, “ said Buno Pati, Sezmi co-founder and chief executive officer.

Stored, live, on-demand and internet video reached new heights with Sezmi’s TV2.0. Each household member is proud owner of its own remote control with personalized home-page like screen engulfing in it its line of content according to preferences. You can now also share your playlist and contribute to community rating of shows.

Based on flex cast video distribution technology, the TV is a perfect combination of broadband infrastructure and terrestrial digital broadcast television. The smart indoor reception system is one thing to fall for. Though the price has not been disclosed yet, but it will keep you wondering how so many facilities are there in one box.

Via: Sezmi