Sensitive Objects Anywhere MultiTouch to Anything

With Windows 7 getting ready to be launched we will expect lots of computers around us to offer multitouch interfaces. That’s why Sensitive Object, a French startup business has just announced the Anywhere MultiTouch which will bring touch-friendliness to virtually any surface. Whether it’s aluminum, glass or plastic, the company will offer that whole new touch experience by using piezoelectric sensors. The product is based on a different technology, the ReverSys, which already recognizes the exact location of an object being touched with the help of soundwaves.

Anywhere Multitouch will offer you perks like handwriting recognition, palm rejection for good measure and more. Not only will the display offer you multitouch actions but other areas of your future gadgets will know when you’re placing your hands upon them. Let’s see what the French from Sensitive Object come up with next.

via Press