Seagate FreeAgent exterior hard drives

Seagate has proudly announced new 2008 lineup of Seagate’s award wining FreeAgent exterior hard drives. The new Seagate® FreeAgent™ comes with striking desktop including both Mac® and Windows®, as well as mobile options.

Users can easily allocate, back up and defend priceless digital content including photos, videos and music using the hard drive. The FreeAgent Go moveable storage solution is an ultra-slim external drive and is available in the market. It comes with a flexible and thin USB 2.0 travel cable.

“With the amount of content being created and consumed today, the average broadband household will soon need close to a terabyte of storage to account for their personal media collections on PCs, portable devices, and DVRs,” said Jane Shields, research analyst, Parks Associates.

The Seagate’s new storage solutions come in sleek and modern design. They deliver full flexibility to sit horizontally or stand vertically for better performance. Additionally, the Seagate’s new storage solutions provide the users with enough storage to carry all libraries of movies, images and even music.