Sea-Shield Silver flex Keyboard

The newly launched Sea-Shield Silver flex keyboard is the latest item in the computer world. Featuring SILVER SEAL Antimicrobial silicon with a 5-year half-line, this keyboard is machine washable and dishwasher safe. It also features SEAL SHIELD electronic waterproofing process and SEAL GLOW backlighting.

The new Sea-Shield Silver flex keyboard is considered as the world’s only fully submersible, antimicrobial and true type keyboard. It comes with Gold USB connector that resists corrosion and improves connection and performance. This is one keyboard that includes Quick-Connect function.

The new Sea-Shield Silver flex keyboard is capable of protection against water, humidity, sand, dust, alcohol, acid, dirt, shock, bleach, solvents and salt water. It is compatible with IBM/AT and PS/2. With Sea-Shield Silver flex keyboard, you get a 1-year limited warranty.