SE2 Labs ITC One Home Theater in a box


SE2 Labs is proud to announce world’s first all in one Home Theater ITC One in box. The latest product combines name-brand Xbox 360 + Xbox HD DVD player, A/V components, iPod dock, AMX automation, surround-sound receiver, preamp, amplifier, video processor, video iPod dock, power conditioning, cable and satellite TV tuners, a PVR, A/V cables, TV tuners and more into one compact box. Just one streamlined unit frees the users from punching holes in the walls or pulling up carpets.

The ITC One comes with Plug and Play option. It is ready for playing. Forget the nuisance caused by putting wires from one unit to another. You get all under one umbrella in ITC One. There would be a need of single speaker but users will be saved from nested wires.

Weighing 100 to 125 pounds, the ITC comes loaded with virtually everything needed to operate an elaborate home theater, including motorized drapes and lights. Many advanced facilities are available within the new Home Theater. Like if you have a habit of leaving remote control here and there, need not worry, this time just press a button on the front of the ITC and follow the beeps, you will reach the remote. The ITC is moderately priced $20,000.