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World’s leading manufacturer of high-end cables, AV accessories, and power conditioning products, Monster has declared that it has begun the shipping of the ScreenClean products. This new improved formula makes screen cleaning easy and safe without any scratch.

According to Jim Krueger, AEGIS COO: "Monster ScreenClean products were developed with careful consideration of the growing problem posed by disease-causing agents that are prone to exist on portable electronic devices, where the heat-rich environment and constant human handling can create optimum conditions for contamination. Monster’s research in this area has led to the incorporation of the AEGIS Microbe Shield in its ScreenClean products."

The striking features of the SCREENCLEAN are-

  • Anti-microbial cleaning cloths with AEGIS Micro Shield® Technology
  • Polishes touch screens and control potentially harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • Removes grubby fingerprints without streaking,
  • Leaves screens thoroughly clean
  • Comes in travel-sized bottles that are easy to carry and easily fit into a pocket or small bag

So, now you can keep your laptop, cell phones/PDAs, camera/camcorders, GPS devices and Apple iPod®/iPhones clean and dazzling with the five new different types of SCREENCLEAN. You can get these eco – friendly recycling packs in just $9.95 and dear friend that is really nothing in comparison to your pricey electronics! So, go, get one and feel the new like glimmer in your electronics.

Via: MonsterCable