Schneider Kreuznach Cine-Digitar Anamorphic MF Premiere Lens

Schneider Optics recently introduced Schneider Kreuznach’s, the maker of world’s most popular motion picture theatre projector lenses, latest Cine-Digitar Anamorphic MF Premiere lens attachment. In the home cinema industry, it is the largest, top of the line optical solution.

Based on 4-element cylindrical ground-glass design, with the MF Premiere Lens 2.35:1 Cinemascope format can be achieved with full resolution, with high-end native 16:9 projectors, no "black bars" and no light loss. Manufactured in Germany alongside other fine motion picture optics, the lens features multi-layer optical coatings that ensure high contrast, maximum brightness and color fidelity.

The MF Premiere is compatible with most digital home cinema projection systems featuring DLP, LCD, LCOS and D-ILA technologies. It will be available with motorized deployment or a static clamp stand. It is scheduled for delivery this fall.