Sceptre E420BV-FHD LED Television Review-Flawed But Solid

This week, we’re going to go back to the LED television series, to give you a better idea of what all is out there in this new and exciting product line. While some are better than others, you’ll have a lot of good choices on hand, and one of these is the Sceptre E420BV-FHD.

The Sceptre E420BV-FHD is a forty two inch, 1080p LED television that includes two ten watt speakers with surround sound output, a 60 Hz refresh rate, a headphone jack, a USB port, a PC video input, five HDMI ports, a composite video input, a component video input, and a digital audio output.

It’s not out of line to say that a Sceptre’s picture looks great, and this one proves no exception, showing off 1080p goodness nicely, but the audio here does leave something to be desired as the ten watt speakers aren’t packing a whole lot of augmentation. And there’s plenty of room for newer hardware here with all the HDMI slots, but not so much for your older gear, so do keep that in mind also.

The price isn’t exactly bad, just six hundred bucks out at Amazon, but you’ll likely be able to do better given the lackluster audio and minimal support for future applications like streaming as well as current applications like your old DVD player or, in some cases, VCR.

Still though, should you find yourself with a Sceptre E420BV-FHD, you’ll likely discover that you could have done much worse.