Sceptre E230BD-FHD 23-inch DVD/LCD HDTV Combo

E230BD-FHD 23-inch LCD HDTV The sceptre has introduced the E230BD-FHD 23-inch LCD HDTV combo along with the embedded DVD player into its GX-01 series. It has various features such as fast response time, automatic contrast improvement that helps to balance the color for a more bright viewing experience and also an advanced LED display for brighter colors and for crisper images, by saving energy.

GX-01 series also includes other sizes such as 19" and 24". Enjoy the benefit of a high quality television and DVD player with no cost or added bulk. This features a shiny black finish, 9” thin and 2.15” thick. Even it can transfer into a monitor for office workers or PC gamers conveniently and quickly.

The curved front and shiny black housing creates a stunning look to any room’s decoration. It has complied energy star 3.0, these energy saving LED televisions offer double HDMI ports for linking additional peripherals and the USB port for audio/ photo enjoyment.