Scarlet LG60 LCD TV Launches in the Philippines

Officially, this LCD TV is known as the LG LH70, a second generation Scarlet. It is a full HD LCD TV that combines an ultra-slim form factor with incredible picture quality. It had originally launched in Korea in February and now it is making its official debut in the Philippines.

It is no secret that the Philippines has its share of growing demands for LCD TVs and for sure, this new TV will get its share of purchases from local folks who put premium in quality television viewing. Through the LH70, LG is consolidating its position as a leader in slim TV technology by developing thinner power circuits and supply units.

“The LH70 is a remarkable combination of design, versatility and digital features. It is stylish enough to fit in any living room as an exceptional home decor element, and can easily be connected to a wide variety of devices. It does all of this while staying within reach for most buyers,” said Lee Seung Chul, managing director of LG Electronics Philippines.

(Source) Philippine Star