Savant Audios Avid Acutus Reference Turntable

Avid Acutus Reference Turntable

Another high profile product from Avid is the all-new Acutus Reference Turntable. It gives the best-available sound quality and provides an array of excellent features to be dealt with.

Equipped with the service of providing the ultimate analog playback, this unique device also comes with a strong power supply, thus changing whole definition of timing and pace of music.

The Avid Acutus Reference Turntable supports the most dynamic mechanism of recording. Here, the novel stylus recognizes the groove of the music track. If this is amazing, then take this now; a custom designed power-supply along with the hand made motor runs the 10 Kg platter.

Wow! Along with easy set-up, the Avid Turntable sways users with its exuberant designs and colors such as plated Gold and polished Chrome. Now, you can own this enormously different musical record player at $ 24,000 only.

Via: Savant Audio