Sanyo Unveils Four New Wireless Classroom Projectors

Sanyo officially unveiled four new ultra LCD projectors providing new and unique features to make business and educational presentations easy for both expert and novice users. The new projectors were:

  1. PLC-XU355
  2. PLC-XU350
  3. PLC-XU305
  4. PLC-XU300

“These highly versatile and portable projectors are the perfect solution for business and classroom presentations,” says Mark Holt, the Vice President and General Manager for SANYO’s Presentation Technologies Division. “The PLC-XU355/305 both offer the easiest and fastest setup for quick presentations with a PC or Netbook, with our new simple wireless setting.”

The PLC-XU355 and PLC-XU305 feature the industry’s first “Simple Wireless Setting” using USB memory. By inserting the supplied USB memory drive into any PC or MAC, only a single click (in most cases) is required to create a wireless connection to the projector. Instantly, the computer’s screen is being projected up to 98-feet away.

Either projector can be connected wirelessly to multiple computers or up to five projectors can be connected to a single computer. No special programs or drivers need to be installed on the computer because the projector’s USB terminal even allows the use of computers that do not have CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives, such as the newly popular Netbooks.

Additionally, all four models are equipped with SANYO’s exclusive PJ Network Interface, allowing for integration into a wired network, which makes it possible for the projector’s functions and operation to be monitored from a long distance or within a web browser. Emails can even be sent automatically to report current operating status.

(Source) Press