Sanyo Repoch IVR-S100M iVDR DVR

Sanyo is all set to release the latest Repoch IVR-S100M iVDR based DVR in September, 2009 in Japan. This Digital Video Recorder features a tuner for digital viewing and recording and the capability to watch recordings on analog TVs. It supports iVDR up to 320GB to provide the benefit of HDD technology and its transfer speeds are up to 1.5 Gbit/s over SATA.

The Repoch IVR-S100M comes with the ability to records in MPEG2/TS format in both SD and HD resolution. However, the DVR do not support MPEG-04 AVC/H.264. In addition, it offers two antenna posts, component video and audio and HDMI output with support for up to 1080i resolution.

The Sanyo Repoch IVR-S100M iVDR DVR will be available at a price of 61,950 Yen along with a 160GB iVDR hard drive.