SANYO PLC-XTC50L Projector

SANYO has proudly released its new PLC-XTC50L Projector. This one claims to be the industry’s first projector with a “lamp selection system”. Designed to provide the user with an easier projector maintenance, PLC-XTC50L is a highly functional projector that automatically switches lamps.

The new SANYO PLC-XTC50L Projector has the power to automatically select one of the two lamps to project from and also switches based on user preference or on preprogrammed settings. It is capable of providing approximately 6000 hours of projection, which is twice as long as any other conventional one-lamp projector.

The PLC-XTC50L Projector from the house of SANYO eliminates the need to stock up on spare lamps and therefore acts as a budget projector. It comes with ten filters in every cartridge. Featuring the well-known AMF system, it can detect air block or clogs for a clear and clear filter. Its lens shifting and keystone correction permit provides advanced installation versatility.

Via: Sanyo