Sanyo LP-XP100L Projector


Sanyo recently announced its new Projector LP-XP100L in white color. The projector features 3 primary color liquid crystal shutter projection systems, Dichroic mirror separation/prism synthetic Optical system, and Brightness 16,500 lumina (at the time of LNS- S31 installing). 1.3 Type ? 3 Polysilicon TFT active matrix Liquid crystal panel delivers an aspect ratio 4: 3, resolution Pixel 786,432 (1024 ? 768) x 3 entire pixel 2,359,296 pixels. You can choose from LNS-S31, LNS-S30 and LNS-T32, LNS-T31A, LNS-W32 and LNS-W31A Projection lenses for LP-XP100L. The Projector consumes 490 W Electric power. Sanyo’s LP-XP100L will ship from 2007 August 1st at an MSRP of 1,260,000 Yen.


  • Active Maintenance Filter
  • Up and down left and right electromotive lens shift loading
  • Full 10 bit video processing circuit 12bit digital gamma circuit loading
  • The class highest contrast ratios 2000: 1
  • Network corresponding optional option PJ- net organizer PlusII
  • Free aspect function

Via: Sanyo