SANYO LP-XC55/LP-XC50 Projector


Sanyo recently announced the launch of LP-XC55/LP-XC50 Projectors in the Japan market. Sanyo LP-XC55 is priced at 365,400 Yen while the LP-XC50 will bear a price tag of 312,900 Yen. The LP-XC55 boasts 3,100 lumens brightness while the LP-XC50 offers 2,600 lumens brightness. Both the projectors will appear in the market for sale from June 11. The feature 0.63 Type ×3, aspect ratio 4: 3, 220W UHP lamp, Picture prime lamp, Color reproducibility 16,770,000, contrast ratio 450:1 (lamp: Automatic, image: Dynamic) and Voice response, speaker 7W monaural, 3.7cm (circle).

Via: Sanyo