Sanyo LP-WXU700 WXGA Video Projector

Sanyo Japan’s latest LP-WXU700 WXGA Video Projector claims to be the industry’s first to incorporate IEEE802.11n WiFi Standards. Traditional Video Projectors used to receive portions of the captured video played on a Pc via Wired LAN. The Sanyo LP-WXU700 receives the complete file to be projected at fastest speed due to WiFi technology.

The Wireless Data Projector features 275W high-output lamps with superior optical engine technology. This combination leads to high brightness levels up to 3800 lumens with 500:1 contrast ratio, perfect for class rooms. The Sanyo LP-WXU700 WXGA Video Projector is scheduled to be released on June 19th for a price of 627900 Yen or 6514 USD.

Via: Sanyo