Sanyo Launches Two Ultraportable Projectors for the Education Market

Sanyo announces the launch of two new ultraportable projectors which are sure to be a big help to educators looking for cost-efficient projectors. The two new projectors, the PLC-WX250 and PLC-WX200 come with an eco stand-by mode via a 0.4 watts and an easy setup function that should all the more be beneficial for professors who use visual aids in rendering the proper topics for easy understanding towards students.

“The importance of creating electronics with the environment in mind can not be overstated; with these two portable projectors, SANYO is taking the lead in providing products that consume less power when in stand-by mode,” says Mark Holt, Vice-President and General Manager for SANYO’s Presentation Technologies Group. “The PLC-XW250 and the PLC-XW200 are extremely easy to operate and offer advanced features such as wired LAN management – making them perfect for educators.”

Combine conservation awareness with user-friendliness and are the marquee trademarks that make these two new projectors a reliable support machine that people will certainly bank on. And for Sanyo, these new projectors may just pull up their market share as far as preferred visual projection solutions are concerned.

(Source) Press