Sanyo DP32649 Television Review-Better Than Youd Think

So my folks decided to jump into the world of high definition TV recently, and naturally, they consulted yours everfreakin’ truly for a little advice on what to go with.  I offered them a whole slew of possibilities, even went to the stores to help them have a look around, and what they decided to go with was the Sanyo DP32649, and you’ll be surprised at how good a choice they made.

The Sanyo DP32649 is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television with a variety of picture shape modes, sound selections, and picture / sound selection combos, an onscreen TV Guide (which I believe is actually affiliated WITH TV Guide), two HDMI inputs, two component inputs, one S-video input, one composite input, one PC port, one USB port, one RF input, one coaxial digital audio output and one fixed analog audio output.

The picture on this one is actually really nice for a 720p, and the sound quality is also surprisingly high.  Even better, you can get this one for three hundred fifty five bucks if you’re doing your shopping at Walmart.

The down side here, though, is the lack of inputs.  If you’re dealing with older components, like my folks were, it took a little bit of wedging, shoehorning, and imagination to get them all patched in.  For crying out loud, my folks still wanted a VHS player hooked in. I had to resort to a signal splitter from Radio Shack.

But still, they made a pretty good choice in the Sanyo DP32649, and more than likely, you’ll enjoy this one too.