Sanwa 400-PRJ002 mini projector

Sanwa-400-PRJ002-Mini-Projector Searching for a new projector? Take a look at Sanwa’s latest launch, the new 400-PRJ002 mini projector. The highly compact projector boasts 3M’s LCoS Color Sequential Engine. It renders high quality videos and still images at 640×840 resolution. Powered by a 12ANSI lumens LED backlight, the mini projector achieves 200:1 contrast.

The Sanwa 400-PRJ002 mini projector comes with a tripod stand and features remote controlled functionality. Apart from 1Gb of internal storage, it supports SD/SDHC memory cards to play AVI, MOV, DivX, XivD, 3GP, MP4 and JPEG, BMP media formats. The Sanwa 400-PRJ002 mini projector is available in Japan for an MSRP of 34,800 Yen.