Sanus VLT15 Super Slim TV Mount that Tilts

Sanus VLT15 Super Slim TV Mount that Tilts The new super slim TV mount VLT15, by Sanus Systems is a true innovation. It features Adjustable Virtual Axis tilting technology that provides up to 10° tilting. The mount will let you hang any ultra-thin plasma, LCD or LED TVs just .82" away from wall. In fact, it is the only mount to accommodate all sorts of flat-panel TVs with different depths.

For perfect positioning after hanging, the mount supports ProSet that allows easy adjustment of height and level. The quick-release tabs will let you unlock the TV from the wall plate. As the props hold the TV away from the wall you can easily access the cables without having to remove the TV from the mount. The lateral shift will let you move the TV left and right conveniently. The wall plate mounting holes accommodates 16" or 24" on-center studs.

The VLT15 can hold any TVs up to 150 lbs with screen size 37" to 65". You can now get the mount for $219.99.