Sanus announces the ELM501 All-in-One IR Repeater

Sanus has given us a lot of audio and video mounts over the years, and they have recently announced the ELM501 All-in-One IR Repeater Kit from their Sanus Elements collection.

The ELM501 replicates remote control signals and is a necessary component for allowing smooth operation of AV equipment when the equipment is enclosed in a cabinet or located in a media closet.

The all-in-one kit can control up to four components with a frequency range of 30KHz-60KHz, and has both tablep and hole mounting options for “discreet placement”. It can filter undesirable signals from sunlight and plasma TVs, and LED status lights provide power and IR signal indication.

The Sanus Elements ELM501 All-in-One IR Repeater is available for a list price of $119.99.