Sanibel, AIX and Hi-Rez Demonstrate DVD-Audio at HE 2002

Sanibel Sound will be demonstrating DVD-Audio at HE 2002, New York, from May 30th to June 2nd.

An importer and distributor of ‘high-end’ audio products including Piega loudspeaker systems, Aloia inductive CD players, amplifiers, and pre-amplifiers, AVM, Audiomeca digital and analogue components, Fisch power cords and conditioners, and Copulare custom stands, Sanibel Sound will be holding DVD-Audio auditions in the 1,500 square foot Murray Hill Suite B, of the New York Hilton and Towers. Also sharing the suite will be DVD-Audio software producers AIX Records and Hi-Rez Music.

Hardware used for the HE 2002 Sanibel Sound DVD-Audio demonstration will include a DVD-Audio player from Integra Research, Chapter power amplifiers, Piega
loudspeakers and associated equipment, such as “high-performance” cables, power cords, and power conditioners.

Sanibel Sound’s president Steve Davis noted that the show gives consumers a rare opportunity. “Since we understand that Sony will be showing its digital audio format, SACD, in the room next door, consumers for the first time will be able to make side-by-side comparisons of high quality competing demonstrations of the two systems” he said.

It will hardly be a valid comparison however, since neither AIX nor Hi-Rez produce SACD material and completely different electronics will be used…