Samsung Tube Amp

Samsung’s Hybrid Tube Technology

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released, and the device reaped praise from critics due to its unparalleled features. Many people believe that the Korean phone’s high speed quad core processors, large screen sizes, high-fidelity Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), and innovative designs are the features to beat today. While everyone is crazy about the smartphone’s camera, design, or processor, music lovers were caught up by another Samsung product that was launched at (almost) the same time as the S4. For them, S4 usage is not complete without the Samsung Hybrid Tube Technology. This product is enjoyed in a special Samsung DAE750 2.1 Channel Home Theater with dual docking audio system and valve amplifier. Through the Hybrid Tube Technology, you can enjoy your music. It lets you connect two devices at once or play music wirelessly using AllShare Play and Airplay. This sound system has a total of 100 watts and connects through USB host 2.0, micro-USB, bluetooth, and built-in Wireless LAN. It comes with a remote controller, analog audio cable, and built-in woofer and can be connected to other smartphone devices.

Listening to music is one good way to relax your mind, but how can you feel relaxed if your sound system produces a bug-like sound? Thanks to the Hybrid Tube Technology, days like these will be a thing of the past. You can now enjoy songs or movies exactly the way you like them. Whenever you want it slow or toned down because you are playing poker online or your favorite video game, that’s no problem. Hybrid Tube Technology will help you concentrate on the game at hand with its fluid sound quality. They say sounds can disturb a poker player’s concentration. But how can it be disturbing if it’s something that calms the environment? Playing on sites like partypoker is more challenging than the real games in casinos. There are just so many distractions when you are playing this mental game on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. With Hybrid Tube Technology, there’s no way that any sort of sound can become disturbing. You can enjoy the game without feeling distracted, just make sure that you choose the perfect poker music background. It should be something that soothes your heart. ESD Music said the four perfect songs for poker are Money by Pink Floyd, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, Ace of Spades by Motorhead, and The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals.

High-Fidelity audio is probably the next big thing in smartphone development. For music lovers, a smartphone is perfect as long as it is compatible with a high-end sound system. Samsung knows how much people use their phones for music and the Hybrid Tube Technology is a testament of how well the company knows its market. Samsung digs deep into the feelings of the consumers, and that’s probably the company’s biggest advantage.