Samsungs HT-C6500 Features Internal Blu-ray And Better Sound Quality

Recently, Samsung unveiled the HT-C6500, a Blu-ray home theater system with built-in Wi-Fi, two HDMI inputs and 1GB of storage space. This device also features an extensive platform for applications, which includes media streaming providers such as Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, and Pandora.

Furthermore, the HT-C6500 is equipped with excellent sound quality, providing better audio than previous home theater systems, according to Crave. However, they found a few issues with the device’s design. Apparently, the HT-C6500 has a separate iPod dock dongle instead of a iPod dock integrated into the device and a graphical user interface, which is more common for standalone Blu-ray players. Crave also commented with skepticism regarding the reliability of Samsung Blu-ray players but they didn’t find any problems with the HT-C6500’s performance. Nonetheless, they consider it to be the best Blu-ray home theater system they’ve tried so far. The Samsung HT-C6500 is available for $550 (street price).