Samsung Unveils Their Portable, HTiB Blu-ray Player And The Largest LED 3DTV Ever

Today, Samsung unveiled their portable, Blu-ray player called the BD-C8000, which is the first mini-player designed for compatibility with the new 3D discs. However, the device features a 10.3 inch screen with 2D only, Wi-Fi, 1GB of memory, HDMI 1.4, a 3 hour battery life and all of Samsung’s patented DLNA and widget technology and a 3D-equipped display. Meanwhile, the company’s new home theater-in-a-box system known as the HT-C9950W 7.1 is designed to deliver the equivalent functionality of ultra-thin 9000 series displays and touch screen remotes.

Lastly, Samsung introduced the UN65C8000, which is apparently the largest LED 3DTV set ever with a 65 inch screen. Even though, it failed to launch last month, this 3DTV is priced at about $1,500 for pre-order below its $5,999 MSRP on a few sites. As for Samsung’s new home theater, the HT-C9950W 7.1 is expected to come out in October for $1,799 while the BD-C8000 portable Blu-ray will be available for $499 at retail.