Samsung Unveils the UT Series Video Walls

Samsung Electronics has unveiled their latest UT series, a revolutionary video wall technology aimed to build seamless video walls. Among the models lined up under the UT series include:

  • 460UT ($6,922)
  • 460UTn ($7,845)
  • 460UTn-UD ($8,614)

“Our customers have been waiting for this solution, because the UT Series is truly the standard for video wall technology with a bezel that is one of the smallest in the industry and an ID solution that allows integrators to quickly build dynamic video walls,” said J.H. Kim, President of Samsung Electronics America’s Information Technology Division.

The new Samsung UT series is perfect for people who are not satisfied with their current setup of LCD sets. With the new video wall technology, Samsung is able to simplify and streamline video wall design, the 460UT’s ultra-narrow bezels create only 6.7 mm bezel to bezel, when tiled, providing a near-seamless viewing experience.

(Source) Press