Samsung UN55C7000WF Television Review-Worth The Enormous Price Tag

Ah, Samsung…Samsung televisions and I go all the way back to the beginning of my review work.  And I’ve seen a lot of different Samsungs, some that were great, and others that were out and out terrible.  I’ve even seen some that would have been great but their massive price tag got in the way.  That’s exactly what I’m faced with with the Samsung UN55C7000WF.

The Samsung UN55C7000WF is a 3D ready fifty five inch LED television that boasts internet connectivity when you buy an adapter for it, the Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology, two fifteen watt speakers, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, one ethernet port, one PC input, two USB ports, ConnectShare Movie, AnyNet Plus, and a game mode for improved image quality in high-speed conditions.

The problems with this one are largely the usual problems.  It’s very heavy on the HDMI, and very light on the ports that would accommodate older systems.  But it’s got a beautiful picture, and terrific sound on those fifteen watt speakers.  When you put all that package together, it’s pretty easy to overlook what may well be the biggest fault of all, the nearly twenty eight hundred dollar price tag.  Though, on the up side, this is at a discount from thirty three hundred bucks.

Yes, it’s expensive–hugely so, really–but with all those features and all that quality, it’s actually worth the price.  The Samsung UN55C7000WF is really something, but the price tag is just horrific.  If you’ve got the cash to put out on this, and you want an amazing television, then consider the Samsung UN55C7000WF.