Samsung UN55B6000 Television Review-For Samsung? Fantastic

So I got to try out a Samsung UN55B6000 and even I have to admit that I was stunned by this one.  It’s a truly impressive hunk of television.

First, it’s got some plain old awesome specs on it.  it’s a fifty five inch 1080p LED television that includes Infolink feeds off your broadband connection (so in a really, really limited way, this is almost a net capable television, which is by itself a thing of beauty), four HDMI slots, one component slot, two USB ports, one Ethernet jack (for that Infolink setup), one PC input (use it as a monitor OR a netsurfer!) , and one optical digital audio output.

But it’s not just the specs that make this a fantastic system–it also features excellent picture and sound.  There weren’t even any artifacts in the colors or movement from distances as close as a foot, or at least, none that I noticed.  Of course, the normal Samsung control scheme is still in play, which I’m never happy about, but frankly, I’m beginning to even warm to that just a bit.  i still prefer my clear buttons and rocker switches, but I can understand why someone might enjoy the hidden controls.

At any rate, this is an excellent overall setup, but be prepared to pay for the excellence.  This sucker costs a whopping thirty four hundred bucks, depending on where you shop.  But it really is a magnificent set.