Samsung UN46C8000XF Television Review-Better Value

Yesterday we talked about the Samsung UN55C8000XF, an LED television of incredible power and beauty.  But if you looked at that system and gave a wistful sigh, knowing that you never would (or never could) drop that kind of loot on a television, no matter how amazing it is, then I’m about to give you reason to be cheery happy with a slightly smaller Samsung LED, the Samsung UN46C8000XF.

The Samsung UN46C8000XF is a forty six inch 1080p LED television that offers internet connectivity for easy access to various applications, a built in 3D emitter, Wide Color Enhancer Plus, two ten watt speakers, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, one PC input, and ConnectShare Movie for access to thumb drives and digital cameras.

There are of course downsides here–one, you’ll need an adapter to get that internet connectivity.  Two, you’ll need glasses to get the 3D effect, but that’s nothing unexpected.  Three, ten watt speakers will always be inferior to fifteen watt speakers, with or without SRS TruSurround for augmentation.

But the picture is easily on par with its larger cousin, an amazing development in itself.  The sound is certainly nothing to complain about, even if somewhat inferior to the larger model.  However, all this is easily balanced against the face that the Samsung UN46C8000XF costs about seven hundred dollars less than its larger cohort, offering a quality system at just over twenty five hundred bucks.

So if you were drooling over yesterday’s review, but are keeping your budget in mind, then this one is one you’ll want a look at.