Samsung UN46C7000WF Television Review-A Step Down

Remember when we talked about the Samsung UN46C8000XF?  How we described it as a slightly smaller LED television, only slightly lesser in quality (but a lot lesser in price tag) than its larger cohorts?  Well, if you liked what you read about that one, but thought it still just a bit too pricey, then you’ll be terribly happy to hear about the Samsung UN46C7000WF.

The Samsung UN46C7000WF is a 3D ready (with purchase of several other components) internet connectable (with adapter that isn’t included) forty six inch 1080p LED television.  It offers the Wide Color Enhancer to reduce blurring in action sequences, two ten watt speakers, four HDMI inputs, one component video input, one ethernet port, one PC input, AnyNet Plus, ConnectShare Movie so you can use thumb drives and digital cameras with this one, and a game mode to cut down on blurring and improve graphic quality.

Now, like I said–this is a LOT like the UN46C8000XF.  The picture quality is comparable, as is the sound quality.  Yes, this one doesn’t have the TruSurround augmentation that one does, but the sound is at least in the same ballpark.  It takes a careful ear listening to both at the same time for a good while to really detect much difference–casual listeners will likely not catch much difference immediately or in isolation.

But the clincher here is that, while the UN46C8000XF weighed in at just over twenty five hundred bucks, you’ll be able to get this one for about two hundred bucks less at just over twenty three hundred.

Is the two hundred bucks you’ll save worth the slight drop in capability?  That’s your call.  But I can tell you that, if you do go with the Samsung UN46C7000WF, you should be satisfied with it.  You might be MORE satisfied with the next higher up model, but that’s your call to make.