Samsung UN46C6300SF Television Review-Bargain LED

If you’ve been drooling over the array of Samsung LED televisions we’ve been talking about here lately, but just can’t bring yourself to drop over two thousand dollars on a new television, then I have good news for you all today–be of good cheer, for a discount model has appeared on the horizon.  At least, a relative discount…today we’re talking about the Samsung UN46C6300SF.

The Samsung UN46C6300SF is a forty six inch 1080p LED television that offers the ultraclear panel (it absorbs ambient light, which really cuts down on the glare factor), the wide color enhancer plus system, two ten watt speakers backed up by DNSe sound, one component video input, one PC input, four HDMI inputs, one Ethernet port, and two USB ports.

You can see why this is something of a discount model.  Despite the fact that this television does indeed look terrific (which is almost always the case with Samsung gear) and sound great (ten watt speakers may not be the best but with that DNSe backup, you’d almost never notice), you’re going to really be up a crick sans paddle should you have a larger quantity of older gear.  This is very heavy on the HDMI.

But here’s the plus side–Best Buy will sell you one of these for fifteen hundred thirty bucks, which as LED televisions go is actually pretty reasonable.  Admittedly, it won’t do as much or offer as much as some of the others in the market will, but if you want an LED television and don’t want to shell out a small fortune, then this one should serve you pretty well.