Samsung UN46B8500XF Television Review-Surprisingly Nice

Today is one of those rare days when I find a Samsung to talk about that doesn’t really have anything wrong with it except for that unpleasant Samsung control scheme involving small touch panels on the front of the unit itself.  Today I’m talking about the Samsung UN46B8500XF

The Samsung UN46B8500VF is a forty six inch 1080p LED TV with internet connection capability, a variety of instant content feeds including YouTube and Blockbuster on Demand, and an array of ports including one USB port, four HDMI inputs, one component input, one composite input, one PC input, and one audio output.

The good part about this system is that the picture is a pretty good quality, even up close, which is something of a rarity as these units go.  And the sound is also pretty good quality, another relative rarity especially in a unit that has a good picture.  There’s nothing really wrong with the Samsung U46B8500XF, which makes this a pleasant surprise, but I’m not really that impressed by it, certainly not impressed enough to pay their asking list price of about thirty six hundred bucks, though discounts do abound, it’s still a lot of cash for not really that much system.