Samsung UN40B6000VF Television Review-Another Mixed Bag

I’m convinced, more and more, with every Samsung that I write about that the aphorism is true.  Samsungs are constantly a mixed bag. Seems like every time I find a good one, I find a bad one not too far away.  Then I’ll find one with good AND bad mixed together, and that’s exactly what I’ll be dealing with with today’s target, the Samsung UN40B6000VF.

The Samsung UN40B6000VF is a forty inch 1080p LCD television with TrueLink RSS capability to stream news and weather information straight off the web (if you’ve got it connected, of course) plus a whole slug of ports, including four HDMI inputs, one component input, two USB inputs, one Ethernet input (to run that TrueLink), one PC input, and one optical digital audio output.

While the sound on this sucker is great, the control scheme is that wholly unpleasant little touchpad scheme, and the picture is just godawful, especially for something that claims to be 1080p.  I saw artifacts in the playback while standing NINE FEET AWAY from this thing, and that’s not good for ANY TV.  Normally the farther back you are the better the whole thing looks but not even nine feet could save this one from being a squiggly wreck.

And seeing as the Samsung UN40B6000VF weighs in at a whopping eleven hundred bucks (if you’re willing to buy used), you’d figure they could do a lot better than that.