Samsung Tristar TS-H652D 18X DVD recorder


Samsung recently introduced its latest Tristar TS-H652D 18X DVD recorder in China. It is moderately priced at 269 Yuan. The Tristar TS-H652D is getting success in China. Let us look at what it does. In appearance the Recorder is simple like any other DVD recorder. The Tristar TS-H652D has the 2MB buffer capacity and can read at 18X DVD+/-R, 8X DVD+/R DL with 12X DVD-RAM. It can write at 8X DVD+RW and 6X DVD-RW. As far as CD is concerned, The Tristar TS-H652D 18X DVD recorder supports 48X CD-R to read in duplicate with 32X CD-RW writes. The Samsung Tristar TS-H652D features SAT intelligence speed optimization technology, the Double-OPC pair of road laser wisdom leads technical and the ABS automatic ball bearing balanced system.

Via: Zol