Samsung SyncMaster 2243Hz and 2233Hz LCDs

Samsung presents its newest and quite attractive SyncMaster 2243Hz and 2233Hz desktops LCDs. The 2233 and 2243 LCDs are jam-packed with sophisticated features and awesome functions. The 2233 and 2243 LCDs support 1680 x 1050 pixels powerful image resolution that is enough to provide effective and brilliant images.

The SyncMaster 2243 and 2233 desktop LCDs feature 300 nits of brightness along with 5ms representative reaction times. Both screens come with Samsung’s innovative Enhanced MPAII to drop Motion Picture Response time 27ms to a mere 9ms.

Though the SyncMaster LCDs don’t support DisplayLink, but they have DVI plugs including HDCP. The 2243Hz LCD also comes with four USB plugs along with the MagicRotation for swiveling the display. Users will surely admire the Samsung SyncMaster 2243Hz and 2233Hz LCDs that will provide them unique and excellent experience of viewing images!

Via: Engadget