Samsung SyncMaster 220TN with VoIP Functions in IFA 2007

samsung-syncmaster-220tn.jpgSamsung changes the way Monitors used to be just for displaying the content. Samsung’s latest 22″ monitor SyncMaster 220TN comes loaded with VoIP Functions to create the era of video calls.

The SyncMaster 220TN LCD monitor is engrafted with simple networking modules, letting users to go online and make video calls when connected to LAN cable even without a PC. Now enjoy the freedom of video conferencing and video calls with your LCD Monitor without purchasing additional equipment as the LCD Monitor comes equipped with a built-in camera, microphone and speaker, and pre-installed software for making conference and video calls.

Samsung has also exhibited its other monitor SyncMaster 225UW belonging to same genre. Yun Ho Ha, Senior Vice President of Samsung’s Visual Display Division said, “These monitors with VoIP functions unveiled at this IFA exhibition will become a must-have item for individual users and enterprises in the global era.”

Via: Samsung Exhibition