Samsung Starts Production on Ultra-Slim Edge-Lit LED Backlit HDTVs

Samsung will be soon unveiling new ultra-slim LCD panels with something to add. The added bonus is the edge-lit LED backlighting. Samsung offers lighter weight and thinner designs compared to standard direct-lit LED LCDs, and moreover, a 55-inch Samsung HDTV with edge-lit LED backlighting “uses up to 40 percent less power than conventional LCD TVs.

“The panels measure just 0.42-inches thick and are being produced in 40-, 46- and 55-inch sizes. We’re still waiting to hear back from Sammy on whether these are the same ones used in the energy-efficient LCD HDTVs announced at CES or new models altogether, but ’til then, you can feel free to start digging in the couches for spare pennies.

(Source) Engadget