Samsung Spinpoint M6 2.5-inch 500 GB Hard Disk Drive


Samsung Electronics, the global leader of the information technology market recently showcased the world’s first 2.5-inch 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, Spinpoint M6 for Mainstream Notebook PC and other devices at the Consumers Electronics Show 2008. With industry’s standard 9.5mm height dimension it fits in Laptops and other mobile devices conveniently.

“We continue to raise the bar for high capacity 500GB 2.5″ hard drives,” said Andy Higginbotham, director of hard drive sales and marketing, Samsung Semiconductor. “Our Spinpoint M6 500GB extends the data storage capacity for notebook PCs and readily fits within the tens of millions of notebook PCs that ship every quarter with no modification to the notebook PC chassis, giving users more storage power than ever before.”

Spinpoint M6 500GB incorporates Samsung’s Flying on Demand head technology for better recording stability over changing temperature ranges and includes three 166GB platters which rotate at 5400rpm spindle speed. The hard drive features 8MB cache, 3.0Gbps SATA interface with Perpendicular Magnetic Recording technology to fulfil the increasing demands for higher storage capacity.

Samsung’s Spinpoint M6 500GB Hard Disk Drive will be available at all the authorized outlets in March 2008.

Via: Press