Samsung SH-S183L Rewritable DVD Drive

.Samsung recently debut’s world’s foremost 18X Serial ATA Rewritable DVD Drive with 12X DVD-RAM recording and Light Scribe Technology. The drive cuts down the need for Master/Slave jumper settings and thus gives thinner data cables, which however improves the airflow and cable routing with the SATA interface. The SH-S183L tender transfer rates of 150MB/s, 300MB/s and 600MB/s and so, gives it the tag of fastest drives on the market today.

This DVD drive has been designed mainly keeping in mind users looking for a super-fast DVD burner with highly developed technology, it offers 12X DVD-RAM recording, and 8X double layer DVD+R and DVD-R recording. Furthermore, Light Scribe technology is fixed in the DVD drive, which lets users carve labels, photos, and designs right onto the CD and DVD discs with no bother at all.

This new model also provides the advantage of many superior technologies counting Weight Balancing System (WBS) to make the most of performance and lower the volume of in use clatter when recording at top speeds; Speed Adjustment Technology, which would help to match the speed to the functionality of the disc and Double Optimum Power Control, which helps in balancing the laser power on the sides of the disc for a improved writing presentation. We can conclude that this is a perfect drive for home users at the same time for IT professionals for use in enterprise and network storage applications. Samsung has not come out with the pricing and availability details of the product till now.

Via: Samsung